Let Alice Inspire You

Keynote Speaking

Whether she is speaking to hundreds or thousands, Alice’s keynote speaking presentations are highly regarded by individuals and organizations. Her message boasts of personal and financial growth and encourages all the confidence and courage it takes to see results. Alice is personal, candid and motivational; her personality and energy jumpstart the audience’s desire to take control of their personal, professional and financial destiny.  

Training & Workshops

Alice brings her expertise to an intimate setting where she teaches the importance of connecting with others and deepening relationships to drive personal confidence, professional growth and wealth creation and management. Training workshops provide a hands-on experience to those looking for specific actionable guidance with takeaways that inspire them for a lifetime.

Empowerment & Education

Alice’s passion for instilling courage and confidence in women and their financial future comes to the forefront of her Empowerment & Education engagements. Alice shares her personal experience of the ‘courageous steps that led to building confidence and thus wealth’ and her knowledge as a Financial Advisor. Her passion is empowering women to take charge of their money and destiny.

Your Network is Your Prosperity

Building Knowledge

Alice believes confidence is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. Leveraging her own personal experiences that led her to rediscover and reinvent herself, Alice helps her sphere of influence gain and employ networking and financial knowledge into courage, confidence and growth.

Lifelong Growth

Alice helps audiences translate their moments, connections and decisions into lifelong wealth, empowerment and happiness. Alice empowers her audience to amplify their sphere of influence and teaches them how to get results by cultivating and nurturing meaningful relationships with a disciplined process.

Finding Richness

Alice’s own life experiences as an immigrant without a traditional income taught her to ‘find money’. She is equally passionate about personal and professional enrichment – discovering and growing connections and giving back via methodical, disciplined following up, intentional listening and Paying It Forward.

In Alice’s perspective, wealth is not just money.  Wealth is richness of health, relationships, knowledge or an abundance of  something that means a lot to you. Through her stories and experiences, she demonstrates her process of finding and building your own wealth.

Education & Empowerment

As a self-taught master of financial literacy, Alice has made it her mission to teach others the principles that have led to her success. She works very closely with organizations, women-centric and others, to help her audiences harness control of their personal, professional and financial future with confidence.