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If you’re looking to inspire your audience and light a fire to make real change in their lives, Alice Tang is your gal!


Alice Tang wants to help audiences break through their barriers by instilling confidence, tools, and processes to help them reach their full potential.

Alice has spoken with audiences, both large and small, and customizes each presentation to ensure it’s relevant for your attendees. She has experience sharing her insights during keynotes, breakouts, webinars, workshops, interviews, and podcasts.

Live and Virtual Formats


Looking for a speaker to bring it home and ensure your attendees leave your event inspired with actionable insights? Look no further. Alice will work with you to bring your theme and content to life while sharing humorous stories and helping your team reach their potential by putting the processes in place to help them succeed.

Virtual Events & Webinars

Connecting with your audience in a virtual environment is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. Don’t let your audience drift away to another boring presentation and monotone voice. Keep your audience engaged, inspired, and motivated to make a change with Alice’s virtual presentations.


Give your audience a hands-on experience helping them tackle a challenge and leave inspired by Alice’s workshops. Participants not only learn how to connect with others, deepen their relationships, drive personal confidence, grow professionally, create wealth, and improve management skills; they’ll also get a hands-on opportunity to start the processes before they leave the session.

Interviews &

Want to engage your audience before the event or give them a taste of what’s to come? Book Alice for an interview or podcast where she’ll get them thinking and looking forward to the main event.

Why Event Planners Love Working With Alice Tang, ChFC, MIM


As a Certified National Speakers Association Professional, Alice collaborates with event planners to ensure the before, during, and after event processes and promotions are as seamless as possible. She’s excited to support your event and leverages her network and a social platform to support cross-promotion and engagement with your audience before and after the event to keep the inspiration and learning alive.


She tailors her message and presentation to impact specific challenges and opportunities facing your audience.


Standing just 5′ tall with a larger than life presence, Alice builds quick rapport and engages audiences of all sizes.


Alice can’t help but crack a joke now and then, especially when it’s about her life story and her humorous journey to find, create, and share success with others.

Tools & Takeaways

She’s been to hundreds of events and has seen firsthand how energy from the event dissipates if you don’t make your message engaging and actionable. Alice provides your audience with the tools and techniques they can put into practice immediately to improve their results.

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Your Network is Your Prosperity

Building Knowledge

Alice believes confidence is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. Leveraging her own personal experiences that led her to rediscover and reinvent herself, Alice helps her sphere of influence gain and employ networking and financial knowledge into courage, confidence and growth.

Lifelong Growth

Alice helps audiences translate their moments, connections and decisions into lifelong wealth, empowerment and happiness. Alice empowers her audience to amplify their sphere of influence and teaches them how to get results by cultivating and nurturing meaningful relationships with a disciplined process.

Finding Richness

Alice’s own life experiences as an immigrant without a traditional income taught her to ‘find money’. She is equally passionate about personal and professional enrichment – discovering and growing connections and giving back via methodical, disciplined following up, intentional listening and Paying It Forward.

In Alice’s perspective, wealth is not just money.  Wealth is richness of health, relationships, knowledge or an abundance of  something that means a lot to you. Through her stories and experiences, she demonstrates her process of finding and building your own wealth.

Education & Empowerment

As a self-taught master of financial literacy, Alice has made it her mission to teach others the principles that have led to her success. She works very closely with organizations, women-centric and others, to help her audiences harness control of their personal, professional and financial future with confidence.

“I like you and your presentation because you are a giant personality, a great person and a motivational and engaging speaker.”

Chris Maryanopolis

President of Signator Investors, Inc.

“Whether it is one-on-one or in a group setting, I always feel refreshed and ready to take on any challenge after being with Alice.“

Mai-Han Shultz

Relationship Management Director, Lincoln Financial Group

“Alice’s stories are not only educational, but humorous and inspirational too! I find myself retelling them to friends and colleagues. Alice’s style is energetic and friendly, and she can adapt to any audience. She’s smart, experienced and compassionate!“

Carmen Voilleque

Author and CEO of Best Practice Media

“I am hearing that this was the best call of the series! I had an advisor tell me that she appreciated you sharing your story…And they love how you gave actionable takeaways.“

Melinda A. Gee

Sr. Diversity Consultant at Principal Advisor Network

“Alice’s personal experiences and dynamic personality were inspiring. We walked away with solid tools that were put to use the next day. Thank you, Alice!“

Kiersten Kane

PHR, SHRM-CP PHRMA Event Organizer